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Bands & Songwriting __ Listen

  1. Drummer Man by Tonight
  2. Stroll On By by Tonight
  3. Hold On Me TV by Tonight
  4. Jumpdown Turnaround by Tonight
  5. Spotlight Lookalike by Tonight
  6. Making Me Nervous by A Raincoat
  7. Poles Apart by La Bouche
  8. As Seen On TV by La Bouche
  9. In The Garden by La Bouche
  10. So Hot by La Bouche
  11. Fantasy Island by La Bouche
  12. High Energy Plan recorded by 999
  13. I Can Detect You recorded by Andy Arthurs
  14. Round And Around recorded by Celia and The Mutations
  15. Skin Tight recorded by Noosha Fox
  16. Sundance recorded by The Ten Tenors